Monday, June 27, 2011


Hi everyone!  Nice of you to stop by today and take a look at my new blog!  I am starting this blog to help others with corn allergies and I would love to bring more awareness of having a corn allergy.  So, if you have any suggestion or links you would like me to add to my blog please leave me a message and I'll try to post them.  Josh was diagnosed with a corn allergy about a year ago now and since we have tried to eliminate corn from his diet we have seen a huge improvement with his behavior.  Originally, teachers and the like had suggested that he had ADHD, I've had him tested for that and he is right on the border line of having it but nothing that is sticking out to the doctors that says "yes, he definately has it".  He also has some other allergies...soybean and peanut and has an aversion to milk.  He can tolerate things with milk in it, like cheese and ice cream but has a problem drinking milk straight up.

It is my hope to bring you some of the recipes that I have come across and created with you to make life easier, healthier and yummy!  I am not a trained chef but a creative cook.  My grandmother taught me a lot of things about cooking and I learned a lot on-line and on TV :)  My grandmother was an awesome baker and cook and I miss her dearly so I am dedicating this blog to her, thanks Grandma!!

Now...onto some of my favorites recipes!

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